Information Management in Administration

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The purpose of this document (Informationshantering i förvaltning) is to support and inspire organisations in their work delivering projects to increase information management and information coordination with the help of BIM. It describes a number of examples that can facilitate the understanding of how BIM and information management can be implemented in the business. In addition to this, a number of relevant BIM benefits are described alongside how these can be achieved.

Information management is strongly linked to the administrative processes of many organisations. All IT systems that have the task of managing the company’s information must work as a support system for business processes. This in turn means that if you are to implement BIM within your organisation, the BIM approach must support the business’s processes. To succeed with the implementation of BIM, you must therefore start from the organisations’ processes and understand those different activities’ need for information. This document will help to guide you through the management processes and how BIM can be implemented.

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