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Institute of Construction Economics, Ministry of Construction

The Ministry of Construction (MOC) is a government ministry in Vietnam responsible for state administration on construction, building materials, housing and office buildings, architecture, urban and rural construction planning, urban infrastructure, public services; and representing the owner of state capital in state-owned enterprises. The Institute of Construction Economics, a part of the MOC, sets the National Level policy and Roadmap for BIM in Vietnam with the support of the BIM Steering Committee. The Vietnam BIM Roadmap was proposed to the government and was approved in Decision no. 2500/Q?-TTg dated December 22nd 2016 by the Prime Minister.

The Vietnam BIM Website, hosted by the Ministry of Construction (MOC) and run by the BIM Steering Committee contains all of the coutries latest information, documentation and resources related to the countries BIM Strategy. This website also includes the Vietnam BIM roadmap document.


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