Learning Outcomes Framework

UK BIM Framework

The UK Learning Outcomes Framework is a free resource to support the development of training content for BIM aligned with current standards. Based upon the BIM Academic Forum’s ‘Learning Outcomes Framework’ (2012), this completely refreshed schedule, updated for the BS EN ISO 19650 series, is the result of collaboration between academics, UK construction industry education professionals and the UK BIM Framework member organisations, the British Standards Institute (BSI), the Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB), and the UK BIM Alliance (UKBIMA).

The learning outcomes resource includes:

  • Why information management using BIM is required, and its strategic context in the UK 
  • The implications and value of information management using BIM for organisations 
  • How information requirements are identified and communicated 
  • How information is shared between organisations 
  • Understanding the legal and security implications of the UK BIM Framework and its interfaces with other important processes such as health and safety management.

UK BIM Framework Learning Outcomes is aligned with buildingSMART UK Chapter’s Professional Certification (PCERT)1.


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