Manual for the Implementation of BIM

Chamber of Engineers

The number of projects where the BIM approach is required in design and construction is now constantly increasing in Slovenia, for now even more pronounced in the private sector than in the public sector. With this guide, everyone who prepares tender documents for contracting authorities will have an easier solution and a transparent tool for preparing BIM approach requirements, while providers of these services will know exactly what they need to produce and deliver to the contracting authority under the contract. This manual will serve all those involved in investments: clients, consultants, designers and contractors. Above all, it will serve all engineers and architects who will use the BIM approach and thus increase efficiency in the implementation of investments for clients.

This document is intended for clients of investments in the field of construction, which in the project task include the BIM approach. The functional and content requirements of the project are defined in the basic project assignments. This document (Requirements of the contracting authority for the development of the BIM model) is an annex to the basics of the project task and thus an integral part of the tender documentation. The recommendations set out in document, should be adapted to the specific requirements of the project and serve only to assist in planning the implementation of the BIM approach in the project. The document summarizes the contents of various national guidelines, which are adapted on the basis of experience from pilot BIM projects implemented in Slovenia.

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