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Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property, Croatia

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property (Ministarstvo prostornoga uređenja, graditeljstva i državne imovine, MPGI) has taken a lead to promote the use of BIM and digital technologies within Croatia. The construction sector is strategically important for the Republic of Croatia and the European Union because it creates buildings and infrastructure that are necessary for everyday life and the economy. It also acts as the backbone for all accompanying activities in the European Union (EU), from economic to social initiatives. It represents 9% of EU GDP with the highest number of employees in industry, of which as many as 43.6 million are directly or indirectly related to the construction sector.

With a view to creating a common European approach to the development of the digital construction sector, the European Commission has brought together interested Member States in the EU BIM Task Group. Since 2017, MPGI has been an equal member of the EU BIM Task Group and actively participates in promoting BIM and implementing it.

To implement BIM in the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry has formed a working group called the HR BIM Task Group, consisting of representatives of architectural and engineering chambers and national administrative bodies. This website acts as a repository and signpost for the activities of these groups and the progress on BIM adoption in Croatia.

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