Model Coordination Overview

BIM Acceleration Committee

The appendicies to the New Zealand BIM Handbook have been published by the BIM acceleration committee (BAC) and were created to promote the use of BIM and it’s benefits to create, maintain and operate quality built assest in New Zealand. These appendices explain and give examples of some of the different BIM elements which can be applied to projects. These appendices contain guidance as well as templates which can be used as a resource on projects, to facilitate early BIM adoption.

Successful model coordination relies on different BIM disciplines understanding their roles and modelling only what they are responsible for, according to the Model Elements Authoring (MEA) schedule. Coordination is much more than just clash detection – the key to successful coordination is to identify and prioritise issues, assign relevant project stakeholders to address them, and track the issues until they are resolved. This document helps projects to look at the project coordination and its tolerances as well as the priority for various types of clashes which may be encountered in the model coordination process.

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