Norwegian Public Roads Administration Modelling Manual

Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen - SVV)

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens vegvesen – SVV) is a government agency responsible for national and county public roads in Norway. This includes planning, construction and operation of the national and county road networks, driver training and licensing, vehicle inspection, and subsidies to car ferries. The agency is led by the Directorate of Public Roads (Vegdirektoratet), and is subordinate to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. It is divided into five regions and 30 districts, which are subordinate to the directorate.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration decided to revise and merge the manuals V770 Model basis and R700 Drawing Basis into a new guideline. It will be mandatory to follow the methods described in the new guideline. This means that 3D modelling based on quality-assured basic data becomes the norm in all road projects. The agency shall also focus on standardising information in the models, and courses and training materials will be developed for these methods.

Handbook V770 is a guidance document specifying the requirements for basic data and models. It sets requirements for how basic data and models are to be ordered, prepared and delivered in road projects. This handbook should contribute to:

  • Clear quality requirements for basic data
  • 3D engineering in all subjects
  • Standardised description of objects
  • Standardised description of models
  • Use of open, standardised formats
  • Use of models as a working basis in the construction phase
  • Standardisation of final documentation from project phases.

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