ORELIE Support Tool for Writing BIM Specifications

Ministry of Housing

This free platform is aimed at all project owners, regardless of their structure, their level of BIM maturity  or the type of their operations. It was produced by industry partners on behalf of the BIM Plan 2022 and the Housing, Urban Planning and Landscape Department (DHUP).

Through the support offered on ORELIE, project owners can integrate all of the theoretical notions related to BIM specifications. Support is structured on the basis of the framework of a standard BIM Specification, which has previously been defined as part of action 1 of the BIM Plan 2022: Making the BIM order reliable.

Thanks to videos, documents and interactive presentations, each user can therefore complete their BIM specifications, part by part, writing and updating their document in complete autonomy.

The platform aims to complete BIM repositories and pre-existing guides by offering an interactive tool, promoting user engagement and offering a space for reflection.

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