Recommendations for the Evaluation of Tenders in Public Procurement

Czech Agency for Standardisation

It is obvious that if contracting authorities want to cooperate regularly and steadily with quality suppliers and enable them to deliver quality, they need to change their approach. When evaluating tenders we need to reduce the pressure on the bid price and give room for quality. In the Czech environment, no universal bid evaluation model has yet been reliably enforced. There are also no bid evaluation standards for specific industries of intellectually demanding services (typically eg IT consulting, software development and delivery). This situation is long-term and has its objective reasons, consisting mainly in the current very strict view of review bodies (whether by the Office, courts or grant providers) on qualitative evaluation, as well as a total lack of methodological support to develop good practice.

In the spirit of other methodological activities of the ?AS agency, this document also builds on the already existing methodological documents. This document explains the methodology of public procurement using BIM, in connection with the evaluation of bids, especially for the evaluation of bids according to a ranking system for construction works and services, which was developed for the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI).


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