Roadmap for BIM Implementation in Public Procurement

Ministry of Development & Technology

Construction processes are subject to outdated procedures and sets of requirements, which prevent progress in the industry. The Polish Roadmap for BIM implementation is an attempt to outline the direction of changes that will allow the construction industry to shift to more modern and, at the same time, more effective ways of working.

Developing a national Roadmap and strategy for transformation is necessary, because due to the different specificity of the market and legal conditions in different countries, it is not possible to adopt new solutions by means of regulations.

The main goal of the Polish BIM Roadmap is to achieve a level of adoption similar to the British BIM implementation level by 2025, but enriched with many additional elements, such as Digital Twins, digital security in distributed processing technology, Lean methodology and ecology. The process of implementing BIM in Poland should be based both on top-down activities (legislative, standardisation, standardization and pilot) and self-organisation of the construction market in the form of bottom-up activities (organisation of work in Lean, integration of processes, systems and information).

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