Roadmap to Digital Transition for Ireland’s Construction Industry (2018-2021)

National BIM Council, Ireland

The National BIM Council has developed this roadmap to digital transition for Ireland’s construction industry to increase adoption of BIM. BIM is at the centre of a digital transformation of the construction sector and more widely the built environment across the world. It is now time for Ireland to stimulate economic growth and competitiveness, while delivering value for public money through the wider and structured introduction of BIM, which is built on international standards and best practice.

The roadmap is designed to secure funding for digital transition, to set performance goals and to support the Programme ambitions of the Irish Government. This document is aligned to the Government’s commitment to the progressive adoption of BIM across the public sector’s capital programme. It also supports the key recommendations of the EU BIM Task Group’s Handbook for implementing BIM in the public sector.

TIP – For Roadmap content see: Section 6 – Page 14

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