Shaping the Future of Construction: Future Scenarios and Implications for the Industry

World Economic Forum
Jun 05, 2018

Many industry players have yet to fully adopt BIM, despite its advantages. Design and engineering firms lead the way, followed by construction firms. Even though BIM could significantly transform operations and management (O&M), asset operators lag behind other industry players, mainly because BIM is still inaccurately perceived as being a purely 3D design application, and because commercial BIM applications to support O&M remain scarce.

O&M applications account for just 10 of 206 commercial applications listed in an industry database of open-source BIM applications. The Future of Construction initiative created three scenarios depicting how the IU (infrastructure and urban development) industry could look in the future. To develop the scenarios, the World Economic Forum and The Boston Consulting Group hosted a workshop on 27 July 2017 in Berlin.

This report explains the three scenarios and the strategic implications for each. It also identifies the transformation imperatives companies should address regardless of which scenarios materialise. The Future of Construction initiative provides this analysis to encourage IU decision-makers to think strategically about the future and take appropriate actions to adopt digital technologies and change business models sooner rather than later.

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