Smart Built Environment

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Smart Built Environment is a strategic innovation programme for how the public construction sector can contribute to Sweden’s journey towards becoming a global pioneer country that realises the new opportunities that digitalisation brings. Digitisation is one of the biggest societal changes ever. The Smart Built Environment programme implements a unique and long-term investment to develop more sustainable and integrated ways of building, with a vision of sustainable community building and maximum user benefit through efficient information management and industrial processes with digitalisation as a driving force.

A common information infrastructure is the key to change. An uninterrupted flow of information with business-driven applications in BIM, GIS and industrial processes creates benefits for companies, users and society. The unique thing about this programme is precisely the integration between BIM, GIS and industrial processes, which increases the potential to take advantage of all the possibilities of digitalisation. The efforts in the programme include research, development and innovation. They handle the digital infrastructure, business-driven applications in companies/organisations and integration of the processes. The programme creates new knowledge, skills, services and products, with all current information shared on the website.

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