Smart Construction 2025

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Korea

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) plans to enter the ranks of smart construction technology leaders by securing a core technology package that can be immediately distributed across construction sites by 2025, improving productivity in the construction industry by more than 25% and reducing construction periods and disaster rates by more than 25%. Productivity in Korea is currently low compared to other regions (DOLLAR/HOUR): Korea 18.7, Spain 42.9, UK 30.4, France 37.1, Germany 32.1. The MOLIT will launch a “smart construction technology development project” with approximately 200 billion invested by 2025, and research institutions will be invited to support this initiative.

The “Smart Construction Technology Development Project” consists of four major areas (12 detailed tasks) and is comprised of approximately KRW 200 billion for six years from this year, As a large R&d project it can dramatically transform the entire construction process, including real-time integrated control for earthwork equipment automation and collaborative construction between multiple equipment, BIM-based modular construction, unmanned remote construction using robots, smart safety management, and digital twin (twin models that reproduce real-world structures).

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