State Railways Requirements for Information Modelling

Norwegian State Railways (Bane NOR)
Oct 23, 2020

Norwegian State Railways (Bane NOR) is a state-owned enterprise responsible for the national railway infrastructure, subject to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Its purpose is to provide accessible rail infrastructure and efficient and user-friendly services, including hub and freight terminal development.

Bane NOR is responsible for planning, development, management, operation and maintenance of the national railway network, traffic management and management and development of railway property. It has the operational coordination responsibility for safety work and operational responsibility for crisis management. It is initiating an improvement programme to standardise deliveries and information flow of development projects upon handover to the operating organisation.

The purpose of this requirement document is to specify what information will be produced and provided in connection with the deliverables in a recent major road/rail project (FRE16). It was a prerequisite that information created as part of this project should in a later phase be able to be managed and operated by Bane NOR and the road organisations operational applications. The information should be delivered in order to set a standard that the industry can work to on future projects. In addition, the contractor is responsible for providing the necessary documentation together with the deliverables, and in accordance with the Contract.

The requirement document covers the following specifications:

  • Definitions
  • Requirements for model structures
  • Requirements for information content on objects in models, related to the work and delivery.

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