State Real Estate BIM Guidance

State Real Estate (VNI)

We understand that successful digitization of the construction industry requires designers, architects, engineers, project managers and construction supervisors who know how to work with these technologies. Their preparation is currently a major challenge for the education system. To this end, the NRA has established a BIM expert group that brings together skilled technology enthusiasts and oversees the effective use of BIM in construction projects and, in the future, in building management. The company employs many young specialists who know how to use modern technologies, are not afraid to experiment and test new ideas in practice, and are ready to share their experience with others. Our experts participate in and organize in-demand seminars on practical aspects of using BIM. In organizing them, the NRA tends to cooperate with the Ministry of Economics and SIA “Latvian State Standard”. Thus, the NRA shares good practices and promotes faster inclusion of BIM requirements in construction procurement throughout the Latvian public sector. At the end of 2020, the NRA signed a memorandum of cooperation with Riga Technical University. It will be a useful exchange of knowledge and experience for both parties, which will help to create new innovations.


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