Statsbygg BIM Requirements (Existing Buildings)

Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg)
Jan 27, 2021

Statsbygg is the Norwegian state’s key advisor in construction and real estate matters, including property owners, managers and developers.

All projects in Statsbygg are, unless otherwise agreed, submitted in accordance with the requirements of  Statsbygg’s BIM manual. Machine validation of model files makes it possible to assess the progress of model and quality of model deliverables related to the project phase.

A system called SIMBA compares reviews models against Statsbygg’s BIM requirements. SIMBA X refers to SIMBA requirement set templates for existing buildings. It is intended for use when buildings have already been built and there is a need to create an object model (BIM) of the built asset. The source of data for such a model can be various forms of scan (laser, photogrammetry), relevant DWG drawing sets, various forms of FDV documentation, surveys and inspections or a combination of these elements.

The purpose of creating the model may be general so that BIM can be used to provide information about the building or it may be due to specific needs related to management, in particular land and volume management, ongoing operation and planned maintenance, or disposal and circular economy. SIMBA X is the “base” requirement set, which assumes that the only source of data for creating the model (BIM) is a scan. It contains requirements for the correct use of object types, and a few selected properties that can be set on the basis of the scan.

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