Strategic Plan for the Implementation of BIM

Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)

The Strategic Plan for the Implementation of BIM (Plan Estratégico MIC) establishes, from a government perspective, how the government will provide support for this goal, based on an innovative methodology to improve the construction processes with the aim to improve the public infrastructure.

BIM will enable construction stakeholders to generate, exchange and manage information among the multiple actors that participate in building projects throughout their entire lifecycle. This Strategy plan will consider the efficiency of planning, decrease overtime and cost overruns, as well as strengthen transparency and accountability of costs.

BIM adoption will improve the quality of projects and their comprehensive monitoring, as well as offering resilient infrastructure, making the best use of public resources and stimulating the global competitiveness of the Mexican construction industry. This document presents the specific objectives and strategies planned to fulfil these purposes, indicates the actors involved to achieve them, and takes into consideration public, private and academic sectors. A roadmap has been produced, which contains the specific lines of action that must be implemented to implement BIM.

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