Strategy for BIM in Administration and Projects

BIM Alliance Sweden/BIM in the State Collaboration

Akademiska Hus AB, the Swedish Fortifications Agency, the Riksdag Administration, Specialfastigheter Sverige AB and The Swedish Real Estate Agency have agreed to cooperate in order to promote the development and use of BIM in management and construction projects. The five organisations have worked together to develop a uniform strategy for working with BIM. This BIM strategy document (Strategi för BIM i förvaltning och project) introduces a common way of working and includes requirements for the use of BIM in projects as well as collaboration on the implementation of BIM in project management. The purpose of the collaboration is partly a joint efficient use of resources in the development of the working method and partly to reach a common clear set of requirements that will lead to a more efficient information management process.

This document describes in general terms the background, vision, goals, format and action plan for BIM implementation. It also outlines how the management of the framework is intended for continued development and improvement. The need to be able to handle all information digitally is increasing all the time in the construction and real estate sector, the concept of BIM is now widely accepted. It is important to remember that BIM must be able to be used at all stages of a building’s lifecycle.

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