The Digital Transition Plan for Buildings (PTNB) Final Report

Ministry of Ecological Transition, France

The Digital Building Transition Plan (Plan Transition Numérique dans le Bâtiment, PTNB) was presented for the first time by Sylvia PINEL at the Council of Ministers on 10 December 2014. It aimed to modernise the construction sector, promote the skills’ development of professionals, improve quality and reduce costs in new builds and renovation.

Its mission was the deployment of digital technology throughout the construction sector and in particular in small structures, around three areas of work:

  • Experiment, capitalise, convince all actors.
  • Support the skills’ development of professionals and stimulate the creation of tools adapted to small projects.
  • Develop a trusted digital ecosystem.

This final PTNB report identifies the following key priorities:

  • BIM for all: development of digital office and construction site tools for small- and medium-sized structures;
  • the digital notebook for monitoring and maintaining a dwelling;
  • standardisation of processes and exchanges;
  • the digitisation of existing builds for the renovation and operation of the works.

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