Transport for NSW Digital Engineering Framework

Transport for New South Wales (NSW)

Transport for New South Wales (NSW) leads the development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems for the people of NSW. The citizens are the focus of everything that it does, including transport planning, strategy, policy, procurement and other non-service delivery functions across all modes of transport – roads, rail, ferries, light rail and point to point. Transport for NSW is committed to implementing best practice data and information management. BIM and Digital Engineering have been recognised by Transport for NSW as a key enabler to achieving this policy. By structuring data consistently, it can be readily used by all NSW stakeholders to make informed management decisions throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Transport for NSW is using its Digital Engineering Framework to connect emerging technologies with reliable structured data, while recognising that people and culture are key to success. The Framework is being developed to provide a consistent, holistic approach to Digital Engineering across the Transport’s cluster. This will enable a step change in productivity and provide long-term benefits to the industry.

The Framework focuses on five key areas to ensure a consistent approach to Digital Engineering, allowing projects to adopt this way of working simply and rapidly. These key areas are:

  • Digital Twin – the set of deliverables (models, documents and data) that represent the ‘digital asset’.
  • Procurement – a standard way of defining digital requirements for procurement.
  • Ways of Working – how Digital Engineering is implemented and used.
  • Technologies – the applications and tools that support new ways of working.
  • Skills and Resourcing – the resources and training to enhance skills so that Digital Engineering can be used effectively. 

The Framework provides the capability for Transport for NSW’s projects to enhance existing skills, process, technology and data standards.

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