Valencian Government Railways BIM Manual

Valencian Government Railways (FGV)
Oct, 01 2020

Valencian Government Railways (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana – FGV) has published a BIM Manual, in which all the instructions and standards are collected to guide its technical staff and of collaborating companies, in the homogeneous and standardised application of this methodology.

The BIM manual is structured in two volumes, together with  additional documentation and appendices. The first volume covers the methodological and strategic aspects that have been adopted to undertake an effective implementation. The second volume offers a precise guide to develop, at a practical level, all the methodology applied in the different contracts for the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructures.

Created from real experiences and projects, the manual will assist the public sector to create a rich and orderly source of reference around the promotion of the use of this methodology.

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