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The Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) is delivering the Digital Build to make Victoria the digital innovation state and continue delivering the nation’s best infrastructure pipeline. The 2020-2021 Budget allocated $11 million to OPV over the next five years for the Digital Build program to implement the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) and increase the use of Offsite Construction.

The Digital Build program aims to improve the productivity of Victorian infrastructure projects by enhancing the scoping and pricing at early stages, by leveraging the best digital technologies for project management and reducing complexity in design.

The OPV Digital Build offers the most advanced policy, guidance, systems, and training in digital civil infrastructure project practice in Australia. The website contains a wealth of information about the current work and outputs, including the digital asset policy and the Victorian digital asset strategy (VDAS). Within this, a suite of resources has been developed to assist in understanding and applying the VDAS, while showing how digital engineering can be used to deliver value. The suite of VDAS resources include: VDAS dictionary, VDAS access to International Standards, VDAS Victorian Digital Engineering Education Map and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

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