Back to basics: Value

February 07, 2023

This is the third in a new series of blogs looking at the fundamentals of building information modelling and the role of the Global BIM Network.

Increasing numbers of people and organisations are engaging with the Global BIM Network. So, we are taking the opportunity to revisit some of the thinking underpinning the creation of the Network and how this can help you on your BIM journey. In this blog we look at how the Network delivers value in three distinct areas.

FIRSTLY: The Network delivers value directly to its members. This comes in multiple forms. Members tells us they can learn much faster about BIM processes and practices by connecting with other people and organizations with shared issues, challenges, or goals. Similarly, they are benefiting from the large amount of information signposted, organized, and made readily available on our website. Members also benefit as initiatives by increasing numbers of public sector and multi-lateral organizations build critical mass. This provides legitimacy, confidence, and a level of encouragement for others to also adopt BIM processes and practices.

SECONDLY: The Network delivers value indirectly to the public procurers, owners, suppliers, and maintainers of the built environment. It creates a multiplier effect in which successful national and regional collaborations can strengthen the call for digital solutions based on open standards.

THIRDLY: The Network delivers better outcomes and performance of the built environment for people. Over time, as momentum builds, the Global BIM Network is helping to enhance the public estate globally, supporting UN Sustainable Development Goals and inclusive economic growth.

In the long term, this will bring multiple benefits. These include improved energy efficiency and resiliency of buildings and assets, optimisation of the whole-life cycle of infrastructure assets, reduction of material waste, targeting carbon neutrality and the lessening of costly errors.

The Network’s initiatives also encourage the global construction sector to develop a highly skilled digital workforce: in turn both helping improve the image of the construction and infrastructure sector, and ensuring life-long employment opportunities for generations to come.

In the next blog in our ‘Back to Basics’ series we will look at how the Global BIM Network is helping develop a better view of BIM around the world.

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