Back to basics: Why the Global BIM Network?

February 03, 2023

This is the second in a new series of blogs looking at the fundamentals of building information modelling and the role of the Global BIM Network.

The Global BIM Network is connecting more widely with public sector representatives and multi-lateral organizations across the world through its numerous channels. Almost two years after its creation, we thought it time to reiterate the thinking behind the Network. What is its vision and mission? And what value is it delivering?

The vision of the Global BIM Network is a global digital built environment delivering benefits for people and places. The Network’s mission is to share its members’ digital transformation journeys towards a digital built environment that brings benefits for people, places, and societies.

Sharing is central to everything we do. Our digital platform ensures we exchange knowledge on BIM processes and practices. It also means we can enable greater collaboration – both internationally and within our own communities – and lift awareness of research, technology and good practice developments.

Through sharing knowledge, we can all avoid duplication of efforts, while common problems and gaps in knowledge – such as policy, procurement, or technical information – can also be addressed.

Network members have created a vibrant community of public and private sector practitioners championing digital ways of working to benefit the construction sector globally. The public sector and investors are fostering common standards and policies.

The Network delivers value in three distinct areas: 

•            directly to its members;

•            indirectly to the public procurers, owners, suppliers, and maintainers of the built environment; and

•            by enabling better outcomes and performance of the built environment. 

In the next blog in our ‘Back to Basics’ series we will look more deeply into these three areas in which the Network adds value.

Access more information on the Global BIM Network’s vision, mission, and value here.

To join the Global BIM Network, email us or sign up here.

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