Blog: Where are you in your transformation journey towards a digital built environment?

November 09, 2022

The digital transformation of public construction and infrastructure is having a profound effect on the way we procure, deliver and operate the built environment. Digital construction is helping countries close the infrastructure gap and improve outcomes for people and places by improving efficiencies and the clean growth of economies.

Policy makers, digital transformation programme leads and public sector BIM specialists from across the world have come together to establish a shared vision of a global digital built environment that benefits people and places.

The Global BIM Network is a public sector collaboration to co-produce the guidance and tools to help the public sector build its understanding of digital transformation for construction. The Network Roadmap sets the framework for a global collaboration across all regions to advance the public sector’s ability to support the construction sector’s digitalisation at scale.

To support this effort, the Network has established its open access Information Collection, a repository and evidence base for public sector implementation of BIM organised across geographies.

At this year’s General Assembly event on 1st December, the Network will set out its next steps towards its vision. As more countries and regions recognise the benefits of working together to progress their digitalisation and built environment information management strategies, learnings and practices must be shared.  The development of the Digital Transformation Playbook for Public Sector Construction by the Global BIM Network will set out key states on the journey to a fully digitalised built environment and provide case study examples to the public sector on how to progress on their path to transformation.

The General Assembly event is for public policy makers, change management specialists and BIM practitioners working in the public sector, NGOs and multi-lateral institutions. This year’s event will be delivered in Spanish and English, and will be held twice to accommodate for time zone.

Click here to apply to attend this free event. We will confirm after receiving your registration if your application has been successful. 

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