Global Call for Knowledge is LIVE!

August 09, 2021

The Global BIM Network (the Global Network) is seeking submissions of knowledge resources from across the global public sector to further develop its open access Information Collection and share knowledge of local, national and regional digital transformation journeys towards a digital built environment that brings benefits for people, places and societies.

Our website is an online repository primarily for the global public sector and multi-lateral organizations seeking guidance, accessing and sharing documentation, protocols, operational manuals, case studies, tools, training materials and other resources to facilitate the strategic introduction of digital built environment innovation worldwide. It is also open to everyone with an interest in growing the benefits from the structured use of information management as part of the larger digital transformation of the sector.  

What are the Global BIM Network Information Collection?

The Information Collection is the knowledge base of the Global Network which groups organisational, national and regional resources shared by members of the Network. Each resource has links to downloadable documents or official websites of governmental and non-governmental organisations that are active in championing innovation in public sector construction and infrastructure projects.

By accessing our Information Collection, members of the global public sector can share lessons learned and case studies showcasing innovative approaches to the introduction of BIM to public organisations and projects.  Individuals who are interested in built environment innovation and initiatives can find out which organisations are active in each country or region and learn more about their journey to digital ways of working in construction.

These resources are organised geographically and structured under four categories, known as information collections: 

  • Public leadership (built environment policy, legislation, programmes, strategy and plans) 
  • Collaborative framework (legal, procurement, technical references, guidance, templates and tools)    
  • Communication and communities (references to communities of practice, media publications and websites) 
  • Capability and capacity building (training materials, case studies and skills development). 

Why Contribute to the Call for Knowledge?

Our role as a Global Network is to point to information and expertise from across the global public sector in the development and delivery of national transformation programmes and highlight good practice in built environment public policy and procurement.

Our digital platform aims to facilitate the sharing of knowledge of digital transformation guidance, tools and best practice while enabling international collaboration and raising awareness of innovative research and technology developments. 

Through this Call for Knowledge, the Global Network will expand the understanding and skill sets of people working in the built environment and drive better outcomes from national and regional initiatives.

Submit a resource to the Global Call for Knowledge here.

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