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The Slovenian Association for Information Modelling of Works (abbreviated name is Association siBIM, abbreviated as siBIM) is a voluntary, independent, and non-profit organisation that brings together engineers and supporters of engineering fields who actively participate or want to participate in information modelling of buildings of the built environment (BIM), with the aim of organized integration and education, professional development, mutual socialization and exchange of experience. The association was founded on 30.1.2015 in Ljubljana on the initiative of individuals from the construction industry and the university. The founding assembly was home to 32 interested engineers and experts from all over Slovenia who represented the fields of civil engineering, architecture, mechanical engineering, ICT, economics, etc.
The objectives of the association are to:
– Education and information of members and the general public on information modelling of the built environment (BIM approaches, BIM-technologies), its practical application and developments in this field.
– Organisation of education, consultations, workshops and conferences on information modelling (BIM) of the built environment.
– Organisation and assistance in the preparation of working groups, preparation of guidelines and recommendations for the profession.
– Providing examples of good practice in the field of information modelling (BIM) of the built environment and promoting the exchange of experience between members.
– Representation of the interests of all Slovenian sectors operating in the field of information modelling (BIM) of the built environment at international level.
– Cooperation in the preparation of guidelines and regulations in the field of information modelling of the built environment.
– Connecting with related associations in the world.

The siBIM website contains information on how to join the association as well as lots of other useful information for BIM adoption relevant to Slovenia. The site contains information about the association, news and current events. As well as this information there is also a document collection which shares useful info such as the manual for the implementation of BIM and the Guide to introducing information modelling in the European public sector.

The Association “Information Modeling Technologies in Construction” was established in Ukraine in June 2018 as a voluntary association of legal entities, with the aim of non-profit activities aimed at promoting the development, popularization and implementation of information modeling technologies in the construction industry of Ukraine. The members carry out the implementation of this goal through the provision of engineering and information and consulting intellectual services in the field of construction activities. The motto of the Association is ‘Bright Ideas Trust’, where BRIGHT IDEAS refer to innovative construction solutions based primarily on the introduction of information technology (BIM), and TRUST is the basic principle of activity of all members and partners of the Association among themselves. The groups mission is to Combine enterprises and organizations to develop consolidated proposals for the development and promotion of information modeling technologies in the construction industry of the domestic and international market through effective interregional and international integration. The mission also includes participation in the formation of the regulatory framework, including national BIM standards, in accordance with the needs of society and the market.

The association website contains many resources related to BIM adoption in Ukraine, including, standards and a roadmap for BIM implemtentation. The web site also contains sections with guidance on BIM for clients, contractors, designers and operators to help them with their BIM journey. The website contains links to news, events and other useful publications.

The EIT is the Engineering Institute of Thailand, an organisation created under the Kings patronage. The EIT was established in 1943 and has a vision to be the professional and academic center in engineering as well as to offer Engineering guidance to society. The EIT aims to:
– Foster the unity among members.
– Support engineering education and research.
– Collaborate with other engineering institutions, both locally and internationally.
– Support the engineering profession and technological developments.
– Develop standard engineering practices, design codes, and reference of the benefits of the terms.
– Provide consultation and guidance for major engineering projects for the benefits of the public.
– Develop code of ethics for engineering practices.

The BIM Lab by EIT is a group focussed on developing and showcasing the progress of BIM in Thailand. This Facebook page hosts all of the groups content from updates and news through to meetings and events. The group hosts a lot of webinars, recordings and video content on this page around the technical use of BIM. As well as the BIM Lab facebook page you can also visit the EIT homepage at:

BIM4TURKEY is a platform belonging to “Building Information Modeling and Management Association”. It is the center of transformation for the construction industry. BIM4TURKEY aims to facilitate the integration of BIM easier and smoother to the building industry, Higher Education and public companies. BIM4TURKEY provides the ground for communication and cooperation for all the parties involved in a design and construction project. BIM committees help for capacity building and awareness about BIM in Turkey with regular reports on building standards and accelerate the integration of BIM into the sector. They aim to support construction companies to improve their competitiveness in the international arena. They organize events and workshops to build awareness towards these goals and develop critical mass in BIM and form a community of practice and academics in BIM, sharing knowledge and technology via the BIM University.

The BIM4Turkey website contains lots of information related to recent events, webinars and recordings which contain useful information. The website also has a ‘university’ section with several pages related to BIM education programmes.