This Decree establishes the National Strategy for the Dissemination of Building Information Modelling in Brazil – BIM BR Strategy (Estratégia BIM BR), with the purpose of promoting an adequate environment for investment in BIM and its dissemination in the country. The document gives terms of reference for the Strategy, details its objectives, its actions, and the Management Committee representatives (from various Ministerial departments), among other information. The Management Committee will be advised in the execution of their powers by the Technical Group.

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The Federal Government created the Committee for Strategic Implementation of the Building Information Modelling (CE-BIM) in June 2017 to formulate a strategy that would align public and private sector initiatives and boost the use of BIM in Brazil. This document (Estratégia Nacional de Disseminação do Building Information Modelling – BIM) was produced to encourage the development of the construction sector and bring more cost effectiveness and greater transparency to the bidding processes, in addition to contributing to the optimisation of process maintenance and asset management. 

The report gives the strategy, specific objectives, indicators and targets, a roadmap from 2018 to 2028, and information on the escalation of BIM.

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