Serving as the business voice of Canada’s BIM community, CanBIM represents, supports, and advocates on behalf of the entire Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Owner, Operator and Educational community to build a positive business environment for the effective deployment of BIM, for all engaged in utilizing BIM in Canada. The Canada BIM Council, or “CanBIM” as it is now known, was formed in 2008 by a small group of progressive organisations. Although these companies came from many different disciplines and were from across Canada, they all shared the common goal to steer their companies, their partners, and the wider industry to adopt new and efficient BIM/VDC processes and methodologies. They wanted to create a national beacon to attract people and firms from across the industry that understood the impact that new technology was having on the industry, and how this new way of thinking would radically change the ways they work.

CanBIMÂ’s Mission is to provide their membership with leadership, advocacy, educational and engagement opportunities around best practices for digital technologies and processes. Their vision is to advance civilization and improve the built environment through developing a robust community of industry-leading practitioners from building and infrastructure industry, who are proactively engaged in the effective deployment of digital technologies and processes. The website contains a wealth of resources from 2017 to date, and various articles on a wide range of subjects.
There are three main documents published on the CanBIM website in addition to their yearly spotlight on innovation reports. These additional documents include:
– Ontario General Contractors Association Guide to Construction and Design Technology (Jan/2022)
– Building Information Modelling for Wood Buildings, An Introductory Guide (11/2021)
– Building the Canada We Want in 2050 (07/2021)

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