Planbim Chile has created a BIM Execution Plan (BEP) template as a free resource for construction professionals to use on projects.

This template can be used directly on a project. The BIM Execution Plan has two versions: ‘Offer’ and ‘Definitive’.

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BIM Forum Chile is an open and convening body, bringing together companies and professionals who can contribute their knowledge and experiences to the improvement of techniques related to BIM. It seeks to channel technical concerns, knowledge and information related to BIM. It is also an instance of development, dissemination and good practices for technological development in the construction sector. The purposes of BIM Forum Chile are technical and it meets under the coordination of the Technological Development Corporation (Corporación de Desarrollo Tecnológico, CDT) of the Chilean Chamber of Construction (Cámara Chilena de la Construcción).

BIM Forum Chile has many documents, events and other materials to support BIM adoption in the country. Its objectives are:

  • Propose and encourage recognised good practices for the development of projects with the use of BIM throughout its lifecycle.
  • Promote research, collect/select knowledge and technical information related to BIM in Chile.
  • Generate instances of meeting, dissemination and technology transfer related to BIM.
  • Promote alliances and articulations between national and international entities, favouring BIM initiatives that have a sectoral impact.
  • Contribute to the formation of capacities, competences and skills related to BIM.

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The BIM Standard for Public Projects video tutorials were developed to facilitate the comprehension of this document and its concepts. They explain topics such as: What is a BIM Execution Plan, how to use the BIM Entity Information Matrix (Matriz de Información de Entidades), how are the Types and Levels of Information defined (Tipos de información or TDI, Niveles de información or NDI), among others. Furthermore, these videos explain some of the activities required to achieve an interoperable BIM workflow using IFC, including the use of free software to check the quality of BIM models.

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During April and May 2020, Planbim produced six webinars about different Digital Transformation and BIM topics. Some of the topics included were: Digital leadership, BIM’s ISO Standards, and how to use the BIM Standard for Public Projects, among others. The sessions are available on Planbim’s YouTube Channel, attracting more than 12.700 views.

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There are currently three IFC guides available: Bridges, Hospital Equipment, and Reinforcement Elements and Structural Connections. These include the IFC entities that can be used in every type of model. These guides are free to download from Planbim’s webpage.

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The BIM Entity Information Matrix is a document that displays the IFC parameters required in a project in a standardized structure. It’s based on the Veteran Affairs Object Element Matrix and includes the main concepts from the BIM Standard for Public Projects: Type of Information (Tipo de Información, TDI) and Level of Information (Nivel de Información or NDI. AIA and BIM Forum USA definition).

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Mibim is an open, self-assessment web platform to measure the BIM maturity level of an organization. The core pillars of the BIM implementation considered in Mibim are: Strategy, Processes, People, and Technology. At the end of the evaluation, the platform provides a report with key findings and recommendations.

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e+bim is a project that seeks to train students of Technical Professional high schools (Educación Media Técnico Professional or EMTP) in BIM, and allows them to have their first work experience through an internship period in AECO companies that work with BIM methodology. The initiative is led by the Ministry of Education and Planbim, and supported by private organizations, educational foundations and several AECO companies.

This video explains how the integration of BIM requirements with the online building permits platform called DOM en Línea, which is one of Planbim’s goals for 2025, is being designed and developed. The automated evaluation of projects’ compliance with urban requirements using IFC files will give DOM workers more time to review more complex aspects of projects, and assure projects comply with urban regulations.

BIM Integration with DOM en Línea

Learn how the integration of BIM requirements with the online building permits platform called DOM en Línea is being designed and developed.

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Introduction to BIM Methodology is an open, free of charge and asynchronous e-learning course that allows participants to acquire BIM methodology-based knowledge, and to develop the skills required to understand and apply the BIM Standard for Public Projects. This initiative was developed by Planbim, and funded by Corfo (Chilean Economic Development Agency) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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