The need for a standardised approach that supports digital transformation has been recently acknowledged in the construction industry. Building Information Modelling, BIM is considered the heart of digitalisation for construction and is supported by the international standard ISO 19650 that aims to establish a common language for BIM implementation globally. BIM is a system that links different AEC professions in such a way that it ultimately changes the traditional project delivery methods and therefore, the employees in organisations may require certain training and certification to engage in the new organisational process.

BIM training is delivered through an E-learning system, with video tutorials, further study materials, downloads, quizzes, portfolio activities and an assessment test, offering a highly engaging learning experience. BIM training by BIM Design Hub is developed in structured modules that drives the student in a step-by-step understanding of BIM process in line with ISO 19650 with a reference to the UK standards, published by BSI for BIM implementation.