The BIM team within the 3D Construction Methodology Department of the LKC co-ordinates the BIM-related tasks of the projects belonging to the LKC, and the harmonisation of construction standards and procedures within the BIM area. The team has relevant and up-to-date information on the international position of BIM, has experience in domestic and international BIM projects, and is involved in domestic and international standardisation. The LKC BIM teams goal is to facilitate and help the spread of BIM in Hungary. To this end, based on the guidance of the International Standards Board and extensive professional comments, they are working on the development and implementation of proposals and methodologies to ensure its implementation. With the help of ‘BIM-köz-PONT’ (this public BIM portal), they want to create a platform for intensive and interactive communication, generating continuous feedback on the use and application of published materials.

On this website you can find the BIM handbook available for download. The BIM handbook is formed of several documents, as well as other sample text and design files, which can be downloaded and used for projects. The BIM Manual is uploaded in several parts:
– BIM Manual – General Description of BIM.
– BIM Manual Vol 1 Issue 2 – (an introduction to BIM)
– BIM Manual – Definitions and Definitions
– BIM Handbook – Areas of Application of BIM
– BIM Handbook – Relationship between BIM Applications and Project Phases

The Lechner Knowledge Centre (LKC) is a professional background institution to the Prime Minister’s Office specialising in architecture, land registry records and GIS. Its mission is the digitalisation and promotion of the wide range of public services it provides relating to the built environment and spatial data. The LKC has held the largest amount of spatial data and had the widest range of GIS expertise in Hungary since 2019. LKC serves as an intermediary between architecture and associated professions and the wider public, making its services available for both professional and residential users.

This website has access to a range of documents and articles relating to the transformation of the construction industry in Hungary, incorporating BIM. The website contains information on all aspects of the LKC profile, including:
– Settlements and smart city
– E-Construction
– Regional Planning and spatial modelling
– Documents and data services
– Remote sensing
– Geodesy
– Cultural heritage protection
– Land registry
– Knowledge sharing

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