The Strategic Plan for the Implementation of BIM (Plan Estratégico MIC) establishes, from a government perspective, how the government will provide support for this goal, based on an innovative methodology to improve the construction processes with the aim to improve the public infrastructure.

BIM will enable construction stakeholders to generate, exchange and manage information among the multiple actors that participate in building projects throughout their entire lifecycle. This Strategy plan will consider the efficiency of planning, decrease overtime and cost overruns, as well as strengthen transparency and accountability of costs.

BIM adoption will improve the quality of projects and their comprehensive monitoring, as well as offering resilient infrastructure, making the best use of public resources and stimulating the global competitiveness of the Mexican construction industry. This document presents the specific objectives and strategies planned to fulfil these purposes, indicates the actors involved to achieve them, and takes into consideration public, private and academic sectors. A roadmap has been produced, which contains the specific lines of action that must be implemented to implement BIM.

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The Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público – SHCP) presents the Strategy for the implementation of BIM in Mexico, which seeks to promote measures aimed at improving public infrastructure development processes.

The main goal of the strategy (Estrategia para la implementación del Modelado de Información de la Construcción (MIC) en México) is to improve the development processes of public infrastructure, strengthen accountability and transparency, and improve the quality of the projects. The overall aim is to provide a resilient infrastructure and stimulate the global competitiveness of the Mexican construction industry.  This strategy defines the specific objectives and actions planned to fulfil the digital transformation of the industry.

The strategy will be carried out progressively and divided into phases, this will allow sufficient time for the development of skills, capacities and processes so that the full potential of the methodology can be achieved.

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The Plan BIM Mexico group is a non-profit organisation formed by people passionate about BIM methodology and Open BIM, who want to be able to design, build and operate in a more collaborative, sustainable, efficient and transparent way. Their mission is to promote BIM adoption, to create regulations and standards that allow interoperability in the models, to make public works more efficient, transparent and sustainable, with a vision to become a support for governments, academia and companies in the coming years.

The objective of this organisation is the modernisation and digitisation of the construction sector to help meet sustainable development goals. The website has a blog, a link to the BIM Alliance of Nuevo León, a live chat link and Observatory and Digital Transformation pages.

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BIM Alliance Nuevo León (Alianza BIM Nuevo León) is an initiative by the Secretariat of Infrastructure of the Government of the State of Nuevo León, Mexico. It seeks to form a working group where public and private institutions participate in the implementation of BIM within public and private works.

This Alliance is a national and international benchmark as an advocate of the implementation of BIM methodology, harnessed to carry out quality public works, efficiently and within budget. Its mission is to gradually, progressively and strategically integrate the BIM methodology in the planning, bidding, execution and operation processes of public works carried out in this federal state.

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