The Nepal Building Information Modeling Forum (NBIMF) is a non-profit organization officially registered in Nepal in 2020. It is a group of scholars who work collectively to educate the Nepalese Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry about BIM. NBIMF mainly focus on the four areas of BIM as Research, Implementation, Standardization, and Education of BIM. These four areas are initialised as the ‘RISE’ revolution of the Nepalese AEC industry.
The NBIMF Mission is to support the Nepalese AEC industry in adopting BIM in its projects and to help them deliver high-quality construction projects. They actively coordinate with various stakeholders of the Nepalese construction industry and provide them with necessary technical support in BIM implementation. The NBIMF vision is to see BIM being used in infrastructure projects at the Nepalese AEC industry from the preliminary phase of the project to the final phase of construction and operation management.
The group provide support and education to the Nepalese AEC industry to make them aware of the benefits of BIM. They also work with the Nepalese government to implement BIM in various Nepalese infrastructure projects. NBIMF also work together with Nepalese BIM professionals and discuss digital construction solutions that can be adopted by the professionals of Nepalese AEC industry.

The NBIMF is a membership gorup and the website contains a signup for membership as well as access to the membership area. For non members the website contains information about the work of the NBIMF in terms of information about the setup and committee alongside a blog of recent news and publications. The website also contains an activities page which holds information related to Researc, Education, and events. The NBIMF also have a facebook page with recent updates:

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