IM Forum Panama is a permanent technical council, which brings together the main professionals and institutions related to BIM in Panama. BIM Forum Panama, seeks to channel technical concerns, knowledge and information related to BIM, also constituting an instance of development, dissemination and good practices for technological development in the construction sector. The purposes of BIM Forum Panama are purely technical and it meets under the coordination of the BIM Technical Commission based in the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC), an entity that exercises its Executive Secretariat. In addition to CAPAC, representatives of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects, the University of Panama, the Technological University of Panama and the Santa María la Antigua University participate in the BIM Forum Panama as members of the commission. BIM Forum Panama is an instance of voluntary participation that brings together companies and professionals who can contribute their knowledge and experiences to the improvement of techniques related to BIM.

The purpose of BIM Forum Panama is to become a promoter and facilitator of the adoption and implementation of BIM systems in the construction industry, through climbing training, the generation of initiatives, projects, activities and standards that add value to companies and professionals. This is achieved through the following group objectives:

– Collaborate with academic entities and other institutions, in the formation of capacities and competences related to BIM. Starting from a diagnosis or baseline of the state of the industry in terms of management of the processes of the construction cycle.

– Promote the dissemination and technology transfer related to BIM in Panama.

– Develop relationships and collaboration with national and international entities related to BIM.

– Promote and generate research, development, consolidation of knowledge, product libraries and technical information related to BIM in Panama.

– Generate nationally recognized standards for the development of projects with the use of BIM throughout its life cycle.

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