Mideplan is the governing body of the National Planning System. It is a strategic institution of the Costa Rican Government that promotes improvement in public management as detailed in the National Development and Public Investment Plan 2019-2022.

In February, Mideplan launched the National BIM Strategy. The Ministry of the Presidency, through the office of the First Lady, promotes the adoption of this methodology in the country. The coordination of the implementation is overseen by the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Policy (Mideplan), through the Pre-investment Fund with the technical cooperation of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for the development of the national work plan.

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The BIM Conference is organised by the Association for Construction Industry Digitalisation (Būvniecības Industrijas Digitalizācijas asociācija), a public, non-governmental organisation. This annual event brings together experienced professionals in the construction and technology sectors who understand the difficulties and challenges of the built environment and are able to find the right solutions. The association also cooperates with a number of academic institutions to deliver the event.

Representatives of the Latvian state, non-governmental organisations, the private sector and representatives from other countries speak at the conference, sharing their experiences of the benefits of using BIM in both public procurement and production, design and construction processes.

The conference generally consists of three parts: presentations, discussions and practical workshops. While there is usually a fee to attend the conference, the organisers make recordings of the sessions, which are available free of charge after the event.

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On 17 March 2021, the Global BIM Summit brought together public sector representatives and investors to discuss the national and regional BIM initiatives that are accelerating the digital transformation of the sector. We discuss the opportunity that digitalization presents for governments and industry; and how we can collaborate as a Global Network to foster inclusive growth and drive shared benefits from an open digital construction sector. 

At the Global BIM Summit, public sector and multi-lateral representatives leading BIM initiatives across the world came together to discuss global convergence and collaboration. Find out more about our speakers here


Welcome Video Presentation: Global Leaders on International Collaboration 

Hosted by Phillip Bernstein, Associate Dean and Professor Adjunct, Yale School of Architecture 

Session 1 Panel Discussion: Collaborating to Improve the Built Environment 

What is the global value of collaboration across borders? In this session, panelists will discuss how international and regional collaboration has supported BIM implementation and digital transformation across the globe.  

Panellists: Jaroslav Nechyba, Director of BIM Strategy, Czech Republic; Tai Fatt Cheng, Managing Director of Built Environment & Innovation Institute, Singapore; Souheil Soubra, Chair of EU BIM; Carolina Soto, President of Latin American Governments’ BIM Network. 

Session 2 Presentation with live Q&A: Launch of the Global BIM Network 

How can the public sector collaborate across borders as a Global Network to foster inclusive growth and drive shared benefits from an open digital construction sector?  

Speakers: Adam Matthews, Head of International, CDBB; Alanna Gluck, Centre for Digital Built Britain International Souheil Soubra, Chair of EU BIM; Carolina Soto, President of Latin American Governments’ BIM Network; Ngoc-Binh TA, Head of BIM Team, Vietnam. 

Session 3 Panel Discussion: Investing in digital transformation to improve global prosperity 

How can infrastructure investment be leveraged to further digital transformation? In this session, panellists will discuss how multilateral organisations and investments banks are investing in BIM and digital to deliver improved social, economic and environmental outcomes for people and places.  

Panellists: Claudia Suaznabar, Lead Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank; Ilektra Papadaki, Policy Officer, European Commission; Nigel Muñoz Oro, Regional Project Management Advisor, UNOPS; Thomas Edward Abell, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Adam Matthews, Head of International, CDBB; Alanna Gluck, Centre for Digital Built Britain International. 

Global BIM Summit

17 March 2021

Governments across the world are transforming the way infrastructure is designed, built, operated and integrated by implementing Building Information Modelling (BIM) to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for people and places. By governments and multi-lateral institutions and investment banks encouraging the adoption of BIM across the value chain, there is greater opportunity to deliver both public and private-sector benefits. 

In this series of four webinars held from 3-11 March 2021, public sector, multi-lateral representatives and leading BIM initiatives across the world addressed a global audience consisting of policy-makers, public procurers and built environment professionals from over 90 countries. 

Attendees learned: 

  • Best practice in national BIM introduction for the public sector, industry, and the built environment 
  • How governments and multilateral investors are driving productivity in the global construction market through introduction of standards and standardization 
  • The social, economic and environmental benefits and real-world impacts of digital transformation in the design and delivery of national infrastructure 

Webinar 1 – 3 March 2021

BIM in the UK – Fergus Harradence, Department of Business Energy & Industrial Strategy

BIM in Estonia – Jaan Saar, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

BIM in Colombia – Valentina Sarmiento Buitrago, Ministerio de Vivienda, Ciudad y Territorio

Host – Adam Matthews, Centre for Digital Built Britain   

Global BIM Summit webinar 1

3 March 2021

Webinar 2 – 4 March 2021 

BIM in Singapore – Tai Fatt Cheng, Building & Construction Authority

EU BIM Task Group – Souheil Soubra, Chair of the EU BIM Task Group

BIM in Argentina – Cecilia Benjardino, Ministry of Public Works of Argentina Republic

Host – Alanna Gluck, Centre for Digital Built Britain 

Global BIM Summit webinar 2

4 March 2021

Webinar 3- 10 March 2021

BIM in the United States – Roger Grant, National Institute of Building Sciences

BIM in Chile – Sebastián Manríquez, Planbim Corfo

BIM in Vietnam – Ngoc-Binh TA, Institute of Construction Economics, Ministry of Construction

BIM in Czech Republic – Jaroslav Nechyba, Czech Agency for Standardization 

Host – Alanna Gluck, Centre for Digital Built Britain 

Global BIM Summit webinar 3

10 March 2021

Webinar 4 – 11 March 2021

UN OPS – Nigel Muñoz Oro, Latin America and the Caribbean in UNOPS

European Commission – Ilektra Papadaki, Digital Construction and Sustainable Built Environment 

Latin America – Carolina Soto, President of the Red BIM de Gobiernos Latinoamericanos

Inter-American Development Bank– Claudia Suaznabar, Lead Specialist for the Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation Division

Host – Adam Matthews, Centre for Digital Built Britain Play

Global BIM Summit webinar 4

11 March 2021

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This website provides published standards, guidance, useful links and other resources, such as learning outcomes and relevant information to support the digital journey of all organizations towards the implementation of BIM. The aim is to adopt a unified approach to managing information, foster innovative technological solutions and stimulate ongoing knowledge sharing.

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