‘Single Source of Truth’ essential for public sector adoption of BIM

January 13, 2023

Clear, up-to-date information, located in one place, is essential for public sector adoption and implementation of BIM. So said BIM Education Expert Lucie Svamberkova at the Global BIM Network’s second annual General Assembly. 

Lucie is a BIM Education Expert in the BIM Strategy Department at the Czech Standardization Agency, in the Czech Republic. She was speaking at the online General Assembly on December 1, 2022.  

In her presentation, she described how the Agency is dealing with the integration of BIM topics into the country’s educational system. Lucie also outlined solutions being offered to Czech industry and the public sector to build their own BIM capacity. 

At the end of the General Assembly, host Alanna Gluck asked Lucie to share a key takeaway from her presentation. Said Lucie: “I would accentuate the need of having one place where you concentrate clear, concise, up-to-date information.” 

Lucie said it can be challenging to get the right message to the right people. The Czech Standardization Agency tries to locate all information on its website, and regularly emails the top management of public contracting organizations. 

She added that a BIM Act is currently being drafted in the Czech Republic but there will not be a legal obligation for public sector procurers to use BIM until the turn of 2023/2024. This can lead to misunderstanding, with top management sometimes not sharing relevant BIM information with other people who would benefit from it right away. 

Global BIM Network Chair Adam Matthews said the public sector in many countries often struggles with having too much information. Adam said the Network’s upcoming Playbook will help address this challenge. The Playbook will create structures and models to organize ideas, and distil down the large amount of information currently available in the Network’s Information Collection.  

In her presentation, Lucie detailed how the Czech Republic is using secondary and tertiary education to scale the adoption of BIM. This includes educational training to build the interest of high school and university students in developing a career in BIM and the built environment.  

She also updated attendees on capacity-building solutions currently being offered to Czech industry and the public sector, and highlighted the need for more talented young people to work within the public sector. She also outlined the development of a BIM Education System for Public Administration and the Czech Government’s BIM Strategy Framework

For more information on the Playbook or to join the Global BIM Network, email us or visit our website.  

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