BIR Leaflet 3 – BIM Roles and Competencies

Building Information Council (Bouw Informatie Raad - BIR)

The Building Information Council (Bouw Informatie Raad, or BIR) promotes widespread application of BIM in the Dutch construction and infrastructure industry. BIR is a unique partnership between various stakeholders in the construction industry, where the members represent both their construction industry segment and their own company. They make practical agreements that are in the interests of the entire industry and ensure these are implemented within their own segment. The partnership focuses on implementing BIM to strengthen the quality, continuity and competitive position of the Dutch construction and infrastructure industry. The resources cotained on the website help to accelerate the development and adoption of BIM within the Netherlands.

This two page leaflet looks at how the habits, behavior and persistence of corporate culture are often underestimated when introducing BIM within a companyÂ’s way of work. Working with BIM requires employees to develop different competences. It also requires a change in mindset. In this leaflet the most common BIM roles in the Dutch construction sector and the accompanying competences expected from the employees are described and explained. BIM roles can be added to an employeeÂ’s existing job description and used in assessments, they can also be used as educational targets/goals for employees.

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