Job Duties and Requirements for Recruitment of BIM Personnel

Construction Industry Council Hong Kong

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Hong Kong was set up with the main function of forging consensus on long-term strategic issues, conveying the industryÂ’s needs and aspirations to Government, as well as providing a communication channel for Government to solicit advice on all construction-related matters. The CIC developed itself as a Centre of Excellence for BIM, formulating strategies for market transformation and promoting cross-discipline collaboration and wider adoption of BIM. The CIC provides support to the industry in five aspects, promotion on BIM adoption, training, standards, guidelines and specifications, BIM personnel certification and BIM courses accreditation, and BIM-related researches using the CIC Research Fund.
With the support of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and other stakeholders of the local construction industry, BIM adoption in Hong Kong has grown in size, span and depth in recent years. The growing project BIM information flow requires suitable application software and hardware, BIM standards and in particular personnel with suitable BIM skills to manage and coordinate the projects.

To address the expectation of the industry, the CIC has prepared samples of job duties, qualifications and experience requirements for recruitment of BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators and BIM Modellers. The prospective employers are free to adjust the reference material to suit the size, nature and complexity of their projects and the requirement of individual posts.


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