SBEnrc’s National BIM Guidelines

Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre

The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) is committed to leading the Australian property, design, construction and asset management industry in collaborative research and innovation. It is dedicated to disseminating practical research outcomes to industry, to improve business practice and enhance competitiveness. The purpose of these BIM Guidelines is to promote the application of BIM in infrastructure projects and to ensure data fidelity and continuity across the lifecycle of a project, thereby improving quality and productivity. Infrastructure in this guideline refers to main roads, highways, bridges and tunnels, which have their own construction methods and characteristics.

These guidelines identify and redefine 41 BIM uses in infrastructure, which include 18 BIM uses in the design stage, 11 in the construction stage and 12 in the operational stage.  Two types of collaboration workflows have been developed, for individual discipline modelling and cross”disciplinary model design respectively. In addition, BIM relevant issues are discussed such as ownership, contractual implications and risk profile.

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