IMPLEMENTING describes the programme stage usually undertaken to move forwards from DEVELOPING. This state involves taking all of the outcomes from the previous states (e.g. the collaborative framework) and transitioning to apply these onto projects within the wider industry. Activities in this state involve: selecting and evaluating pilot projects to understand their development, sharing lessons learnt, further refining the collaborative framework from industry engagement, and creating a plan for how capability and capacity will be developed.

Transformation programmes will have achieved a lot in setting up the programme and developing a collaborative framework however this state requires a significant increase in capacity building and communication to reach the wider extents of industry who will be effected by the change.

The Global BIM Network Information Collection contains summaries and links to many examples of the outputs from IMPLEMENTING which were prepared by different countries, states and organisations from across the world.

See all resources in the Information Collection related to IMPLEMENTING

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Further information relating to the IMPLEMENTING state is currently ‘under construction’.
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