JUSTIFYING is the generally the first state encountered on the digital transformation journey. This is the state where the reasons for change are understood alongside defining the reasons and benefits which will come from this. Whilst there may be some previous activity before the JUSTIFYING state such as gaining an understanding and background knowledge on the topic it is within this state where the programme of change is established. The JUSTIFYING state is usually undertaken by a small number of stakeholders from the Policy & Strategy Persona. Their purpose is to define the need for the transformation and the specific goals and objectives it hopes to achieve.

The JUSTIFYING state usually involves the creation of some form of business case for the change, outlining some of the activities and resources which will be required in order to deliver the benefits which it is targeting. It is this business case and the justification for change which will support the future MOBILISING and DEVELOPING states.

The Global BIM Network Information Collection contains summaries and links to many examples of the outputs from JUSTIFYING which were prepared by different countries, states and organisations from across the world.

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Further information relating to the JUSTIFYING state is currently ‘under construction’.
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