SCALING is the final state in this digital transformation journey, however this can also be one of the longest and most complex states as the change is adopted by the entire industry. During the IMPLEMENTING state the collaborative framework is tested onto a selection of projects and the requirements for the change are defined. This previous state usually involves a selection of stakeholders who are supportive of the transformation and working to ensure its success. The SCALING state is then focussed on taking this same change to a much wider audience across the entire industry, some of these will be supporters, some will be neutral, and some will be resistant to the change. The purpose of this state is to grow gradual maturity and communicate the change required in an easy to understand way.

The SCALING state relies a lot on spreading knowledge and awareness through a network of supporters and advocates for change, both in the public and private sector. The SCALING state makes use of developing communities which can spread awareness at scale and to also work with existing community groups and associations. Once SCALING has been achieved then the programme can look to further optimise it’s outputs to gain greater benefits from the transformation.

The Global BIM Network Information Collection contains summaries and links to many examples of the outputs from SCALING which were prepared by different countries, states and organisations from across the world.

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Further information relating to the SCALING state is currently ‘under construction’.
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